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Airfield Crash / Local Standby Alerting System

Airsys Engineering has successfully developed and delivered an Airfield Crash and Local Standby Alerting System for London Oxford Airport.

Specific requirements capture resulted in a value-engineered solution that fully meets the requirement.  Unique capability to repeat Crash Message out to Air for AFS crews attending incidents. 

This product is flexible and suitable for many Airfield Crash applications.

Air Traffic Management Radio Test and Integration - London Gatwick

Airsys Engineering has successfully delivered a Test and Integration function in support of Delivery and Operational Handover of Class 1 Air Traffic Management Safety Systems at London Gatwick.

Runway Incursion Alerting System

Airsys Engineering is developing a value Runway Incursion Alerting System for use at Aerodromes needing to enhance runway safety within a value-critical, cost-constrained environment.

Aviation Headset & Wireless Link

Aviation Headset Development and Integration

Using wired integration and wireless technologies; matched to the requirements of aviation offers a high value, lower cost Aviation Headset Link

Headset Link for Retrofit to existing headsets.  New headsets (wired and wireless) in development; combined with innovative and value-driven cost and service-models.

Auto Maintenance

Automated Maintenance Systems

Through application of radio engineering principles, concepts rooted in IoT, Robotics, along with a focus on delivering value Services; this as a concept is both evolutionary in application yet revolutionary in impact. 


The core focus being to streamline maintenance and reduce cost, through application of automation and Maintenance-as-a-Service (MaaS).

Futuristic Tunnel
Future Systems

Innovation of Future Systems

ASE are actively working on and developing future systems concepts in areas such as:

Blockchain | IoT RF and signalling |Distributed Processing | Voice Recognition | Smartphone Integration | Augmented Reality

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